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Artificial snow & machines

Our experience to serve your projects

Artificial snow... what a magic and wonderful universe !
Here you will find everything you need to create
snow sets more real than life.

Flocage en cours.jpg

100% cellulose artificial snow flock for living leaves and decoration elements of your snow sets

Self adhesive snow flock cellulose for Christmas tree and decoration elements of your snow sets

Self adhesive cotton blend snow flock for colorful Christmas trees and snow sets

Flocking machines for cellulose and cotton based Regular Snow Flock, Super White Snow Flock and Colored Snow Flock

Neige Cristaux.jpg
Neige Versailles.jpg
Neige Gonflante.jpg
Neige alimentaire organique.jpg

Sparkling artificial snow for top dressing and walk over

Artificial snow for top dressing and walk over

Polymer artificial
instant snow

Corn starch snowflakes for snow decorations and snowfall

Sapin artificiel vert gros plan.jpg
Géotextile blanc plan serré.jpg

High quality artificial Christmas Trees

Flocked Nordmann Christmas Trees

White wadding snow blanket

White geotextile felt in roll

Effet machine à neige Snowcase.jpg

Long range artificial snow machine to cover large areas

Very Long range artificial snow machine to cover large areas

Compact machine for your indoor/outdoor snowstorm needs

Snow machine built into flight case keep noise level at minimum


Silent curtain snow machine for indoor snowfall

"Swirl Fan" snow cone to mount on a truss for indoor snowfall

Paper flame retardant snow for indoors snowfall

Plastic snow for indoors snowfall

Effet Spray Givre.jpg

Create snow, ice and frost effects on your sets

Your snow flocking will withstand longer severe weather

Enhance your snow decors by adding various animals and polar items

Snow fluid for any type of snow machine

If you need information on a product, a machine or on a snow decoration,
please contact us via the contact form.

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