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Srpay neige atificielle

Snow Spray

Artificial snow in a can

Fake snow very useful to decorate your windows, shop vitrines and trees.

Spray Givre

Frost Spray for glass

Frost spray for glass, windows and mirrors

Create a long-lasting, ice crystal effect on windows, mirrors or any glass surface with our Frost Spray For Glass. This easy-to-use, CFC-free, spray frost can be safely applied to cover up to 4 sq.m.

Easily removed with hot, soapy water, the frosted glass effect will last until it is cleared away.

Effet Aérosol Givre

Frost Effect

Frost spray for unglazed surface

It produces a frosted white coating to objects, looking as if they had just been taken out of the freezer


You can use it on the skin, hair, eyelashes and eyebrows (Protect the eyes before) as well as on clothes, fruits or bottles.

Effet Sel de Givre

Frost Salt

Powder to disolve in water to create frost effect on glass, windows and mirrors

Mix Frost Salt with 50% warm water before use.

Then stamp it on a glass and let the magic happen !

The effect is awesome !

Effet faux glaçons

Fake Ice Cubes

Clear acrylic artificial ice cubes

Acrylic artificial ice cubes with clear smooth edges.
Made using crystal clear resin, pieces measure are
27mm x 27mm x 27mm.
Can be used in many decorations such as photo shooting, video, decor, special effects.



Fake acryic icicles for chilly-looking effect

Those artificial icicles will increase the "cold" effect of your decors.

Effet Paillettes sur Neige

Ice Crystal Snow Glitter

Sparkle your creations !

These glitters specially designed for their "sparkle" and "shine" effects will be the perfect accessory for your snow decorations (flocked Christmas trees, top dressig on snow in your shop windows, etc ...).

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