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About us

Since 2004, our purpose has remained the same: to create magnificent, unique and stimulating projects for film, TV, events, local communities and much more.

Thanks to our professional and creative approach, we have been able to retain our customers over the years to bring them new solutions every time for their projects around artificial snow.


We have a passion, to create fascinating stories for audiences around the world.
Thus, we are fortunate and privileged to provide our products and services throughout Europe (United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Eastern Europe, etc ...) but also further on the globe (Gulf countries, South America, North Africa).

We work in close collaboration with our customers in order to respect their ideas and their vision to bring out the most beautiful results.

Take a look at our gallery to learn more about our achievements.

Environmental ethics

Here is an important part in our activity: respect for the environment!

Our job is to recreate snowy decorations as faithfully as possible,
it is therefore essential not to damage nature with our artificial snow.


This is why 60% of our products and packaging are recyclable and / or biodegradable,
that's "sustainable snow"!


Some examples to illustrate our action:

- Our Regular, Flock-Live & Super White artificial snow come from 100% recycled cellulose

- Our Regular, Flock-Live & Super White artificial snow are biodegradable and/or recyclable
- Our Cornstarch Snow is 100% organic and biodegradable

- Our white Snow Blanket wadding rolls are made from at least 70% recycled polyester
and are 100% recyclable

- Our Versailles or Sparkle artificial snow are 100 % recyclable

- Our artificial snow packaging are recyclable and/or reusable (paper, cardboard or PET plastic)

Also, when recreating the magic of snow, it is essential to make every effort to bring back the snow area to its original condition.

We use different soil protection elements (geotextile, white wadding, etc.) and promote the use of biodegradable and/or easily cleanable artificial snow.

The photos below illustrate the care we take in restoring a site after the use of artificial snow.

Décor Neige Sol Pelouse Regular Snow
Décor Neige Végétation Regular Snow
Décor Neige Végétation et Terrasse Regular Snow

The Snow Team

Passionately professionnal

Our team is made up of dedicated professionals who give their best to meet every request. We make every effort to perfect our methods and our products in order to respond as accurately as possible to each request.
Your satisfaction is our primary goal.

En regardant d'un Skyscaper


He started the Pyrofolie's adventure in 2002, which makes him one of our oldest members. He joined the snow department in 2012, and became its director in 2015. He puts his experience, seriousness and artistic skills to the benefit of the projects of each of our customers.

Galerie d'art


He joined the team with his field experience and the desire to bring his creative touch to each project. He brings sympathy, rigor and technical skills to all operations.

flocon de neige


With us since the beginning of the Pyrofolie's adventure, her presence is a guarantee of experience for all. Reliable, pleasant, conscientious, here are some adjectives used by employees to describe this precious member of our team. Customers always enjoy collaborating with her, and it is a joy to work together on a daily basis.

Banc à outils


We ensure through our tech the maintenance and repair of our equipment for it to always be in optimal working condition for each customer.

Camion de déménagement


The delivery station is an essential element in the smooth running of a project. Whether it is carried out by us or by the carriers we work with, it is also what keeps us moving in the right direction.

« Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. »

Henry Ford

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